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3 years ago

Zephyr for jira migration to jira cloud from server

We currently use Zephyr for Jira in Jira server but we are planning to migrate to Jira Cloud. We wanted to know the migration path for “Zephyr for Jira”.

Could you please help us with this?

As per document  

There are 2 ways to migrate Zephyr data from Jira server to Jira Cloud:
1.Server-to-Cloud Migration via JCMA

2.Server-to-Cloud Migration via an Open Source Tool

As per the document  Server-to-Cloud Migration via JCMA :
The JCMA does not enable app migrations at this time.

So we are going with other option “Server-to-Cloud Migration via an Open Source Tool” for Zephyr data migration.

We are performing Jira data migration Using JCMA tool. So we would like to know can we Migrate Zephyr data using Zephyr Migration Tool?

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