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4 years ago

Zephyr API: Problems with BROWSE_PROJECTS permissions


Hi, I'm trying to integrate with Zephyr's API and do some basic things like create a test cycle, add tests to cycle, add execution, change execution status but I keep getting caught up with permission problems.

I've had success at different moments with different APIs (200 response) without changing the payload, headers, or how I generate the JWT. So for this reason I believe that the authentication, headers and payload are fine. I'll give an example for how the request is being constructed for add cycle:


headers = {'Authorization': 'JWT eyJ...', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'zapiAccessKey': 'ND...'}


payload = {
'name': name,
'build': 'Build 3.1.0',
'environment': 'dev',
'description': 'cloned',
'projectId': 10005,
'versionId': -1,




The response (403) is:


'{"errorType":"ERROR","clientMessage":"User does not have BROWSE_PROJECTS permission to perform the operation on project 10,005 issue .","errorCode":169}'


So I went to Jira and Zephyr config to try to fix the permissions, but no amount of tweaking with the permissions would fix the problem. Attached is a screenshot of the the permissions for this Jira Project. I also cleared Zephyr cache and the Zephyr permissions cache after each tweak to make sure that the changes would be in effect.


Can anyone help?

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  • Hi benhesketh 



    Is there "edit" or all operations  associated with this role? 


    if not can you add this to the permission





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      Hi! Yes, the role has Edit permissions and nearly all others. Maybe the role isn't assigned to the Zephyr app or something?

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        Hey benhesketh 


        Any times I had similar issues you described with was role based. 

        Let me do some digging and il see what else it could be