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3 years ago

Traceability Matrix Does Not Filter

Afternoon Guys!


When in traceability matrix and I click on the filter "Executions with defects"


Why is it not showing me the user stories that are only executed. It is showing me every single ticket and not doing anything.


I've been filtering a few items and this feature does not work properly.


Thank you,


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    I have exactly same issue. It doesn't matter if I take forward or backward traceability, the outcome is still the same. Zephyr for Jira shows all possible requirements despite of selecting correct filters which should show only my project epics, requirements, test cases and defects and the linkage between them. We have over 600 requirements and around 50 test cases so going through of them is way too time consuming. Only shortcut I have found is to export whole matrix to cvs and open it in excel. But I could just as well drop Zephyr and use Jira & excel instead if that's only option. Really frustrating to figure out if its actually bug or possible configuration issue. Its causing the whole matrix being unusable at the moment and I'm really considering if I should start looking for other test management tools where this thing works.

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      Glad it's not only me suffering with this.


      Would be great if we can get support with this as it pretty much makes the whole feature redundant.