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4 years ago

Traceability Matrix does not display correctly


As per the Zephyr documentation, in order to get accurate and useful traceability reports, I have ensured that the following criteria are met during testing (from test creation to test execution):

- Requirements are linked to the Tests

- Tests are scheduled in a Test Cycle and are executed properly

- Identified Defects are linked to the Test Executions in which they were found

However, when using the Forward Traceability Matrix with the correct filters, the number of requirements that display are incorrect. For example on selection of a specific test cycle, the number of stories displayed should be 9. The actual result that I get is 2640 stories in the system.

I have attached screenshots that reflect how the story is linked to the test, tests are in a test cycle, showing execution and linked defects.

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

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