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4 years ago

The Zephyr for Jira traceability report does not show multiple levels in the requirements.

Version of Zephyr for Jira used : Zephyr for JIRA 5.6.4

My requirement structure : Epics-User Stories

Current behaviour: The current traceability report  shows only one of these (Epic or user story) in the requirements column. But we have built this hierarchy and all the Zephyr tests are linked to user stories only. So when i choose epic in requirement , i dont see any traceability to tests. But when i choose user story i can see the tests, but i am missing the traceability of the user story to the epic , in the view

Note : The advanced traceability that has multiple filters now allows us to choose both epics and stories under requirements, but however it is not hierarchical view


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    renuvish ,


    Currently Zephyr can trace from one issue type as a requirement to defect or the other way. I would suggest you to get in touch with our support team to have a feature enhancement raised for the same.