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7 months ago

Still unable to import test cases

Our team members have not been able to import their test cases since yesterday afternoon (US Eastern). 


The current error message is:

"Import encountered a fatal error and could not proceed. Please try again."


On a different approach, we are receiving:

"When trying to import test cases in Zephyr Squad for [XXXX], Jira is displaying the following error: "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable". This error is also received when trying to link tests to test cycles and when trying to navigate to the Cycle Summary."

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  • FYI - Zephyr was down for a while on Thursday 11/16 and I'm sure there were probably still residual issues on Friday 11/17.  We reached out to and did receive a response, so try that next time as there often isn't a Smartbear rep in these threads.


    Good luck, it's Monday!  🙂

     - Jen