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3 years ago

re-arrange test execution layout



How do I get the test case description (or a per test case custom field) to be displayed prominently as close to the test steps at test execution time?


I have users that ignore their training to read the test case description, because they don't see it execution time (it's in the top right corner behind a show more link)

(they are the users who are paying my salary...)


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  • You can try adding a custom field/configuration to the test case


    First,  you'll need to create a custom field under 'Apps' in your Jira instance:

    Apps > Manage Apps > Zephyr Squad > Custom Fields


    Then click Add Custom Field and choose the one that would for you:




    Once that is created, you'll need to enable within the Project's Zephyr Squads configurations



    Once enabled, custom fields will appear above test steps:





    Documentation link - Global Custom Fields 



    Hope that helps! 🙂


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      Thank you for trying, unfortunately, that adds an execution-time-only-field, what I really needed was to display information from the test case specification, in where it is noticed at the time of test case execution.


      unfortunately, the solution you describe creates an empty field for each test execution, no matter what's filled out during test case specification.

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        I see what you're trying to accomplish now, and unfortunately, that does not exist.

        The only workaround I can think of is adding a custom column within the test steps (same process above but create a custom field for test step), and putting that information there when creating the test case.


        Being able to rearrange the test execution layout is a good idea, I would suggest adding it to the ideas portal: