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3 years ago

migrating to another jira instance

We are migrating some projects from one jira instance to another jira instance. We use Zephyr Squad is linked to a certain project and this project will be archived or removed, however, there are some issues that we want o move. The question is - can we move certain issues linked to Zephyr squad without moving the project? 

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  • Hi jenjen 


    Generally no, the project isnt required.


    However with migrations and how easy it is to move data. It all depends on what the issue type is and whether or not there is some dependency needed on the item. 


    Let me give an example. 


    You can easily export Squad test cases, see here  


    Technically that could be reimported to a new Jira instance using Zephyr Squad without having to migrate the project. 


    Where things get complicated is around dependencies like tracability matrix info, maintaining ownership/creators, execution history etc. 


    Where data dependencies are present we may need to consider managing this via API's or engaging with a specialist/migration partner