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10 months ago

Migrating from Zephyr Squad

We are migrating from Zephyr Squad to a different test tool. We have data in Zephyr Squad that we of course, need to keep.


When I did a test deactivation and uninstall of Zephyr on a test board, all the data was deleted.   


I created a test and a test plan, test cycle, executed the test, logged a bug. Then I uninstalled the application.  The test steps I entered are no longer in the issue, but the bug I created is still there. The history of the bug does not have that it was created in a Zephyr test. And there is no link either in the bug or the test to each other. The Test plan and cycle are gone. There is no information in the history of either the bug or test that indicates it was ever executed or a bug was created as part of a test.


We prefer to keep the existing Zephyr Cloud issue types, content, and linkage. Is there some way to do that and ensure that no new Zephyr Cloud issues can be created? Is there a cost to this?



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