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2 months ago

Looking for query guidance when (not!) adding tests to an execution

My team is expected to conduct multiple executions, against a given release candidate, across multiple clients (each of whom have different configuration stances in our product).  

When we add tests to one client's execution by way of a wide-reaching JQL statement, we want to NOT add tests that previous passed for other customers for that SAME release number.  How can we accomplish this?

Here's an example, for clarity. 

We get a release candidate: 11.9.5.    
Five customers are going to want to take this release, and we owe the enterprise a regression run for each of the five.   So, we JQL ourselves swaths of test cases to add to the execution.  Like "this release had a lot of change in the avenue of <component name>, so we're adding every zephyr that wears that Component."

We do the testing for the first customer... it takes us 5 days to knock out 300 test cases in that Execution.  Pretend all but 10 Pass..  

Next, we want to conduct a test run for another customer... the 290 tests we did the last time are a pass, and we dont need to do those tests again, we know that functionality works - it's tested.   

When we go to build the execution for the next run, how to we withhold these previously-passing tests from the next execution for this same version that we want to run? 

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