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8 months ago

JIRA Test case execution

Hi Team,

I need to integrate JIRA zephyr squad with my application. I want to automate the process of test case execution and cycle execution. Can you please guide me, how to do that? I have tried something and posted on the Zephyr Squad community link is given below


Please give me step by step approach to do it.




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  • Integrating JIRA Zephyr Squad with your application for test case execution automation sounds like a great idea. To get started, you can refer to the Zephyr Squad community link you've posted for initial guidance. Additionally, you can explore Zephyr Squad's documentation and forums for more detailed instructions and best practices.
    For specific implementation details and troubleshooting, the Zephyr Squad community and documentation are your best resources. Good luck with your integration! If you need further assistance, feel free to ask. You can also check out for additional resources on automation and integration.