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4 years ago

Import automated execution results by Jira Reference


We are using Zephyr for Zira cloud and want to import test execution results from a custom tool. The link between the test result and Zephyr is the Zephyr reference, e.g. ZA-123.


The test automation tool creates a CSV file with the following fields:

  • Test Date
  • Test Time
  • Test Name (This is not the same name as in Zephyr)
  • Test JIRA reference, e.g. ZA-123
  • Test result (PASS/FAIL)
  • Test message (SUCCESS or message indicating reason for failure)

So we want to import this file into Zephyr and I am not sure if there is a supported way of doing this, or do we have to use the Zephyr API.


Thank you



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