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4 years ago

How to track Execution Time on tests?

When viewing the Cycle Summary screen in Zephyr for Jira, I notice that there is a line above the list of tests that seems to indicate it is possible to track how long users spend executing tests.  However, I cannot find where to do it!


In the attached screen shot, you can see that I have highlighted Total Execution Time, Total Logged Time, and Executions Not Tracked.  There are 14 tests in the "UAT 2 - Beverley" folder, and I have completed executing 3 of them so far, however none are tracked.  I tried hitting the "." key and looking for Log Time or similar and there wasn't anything.  I even went into one of the tests through edit mode (rather than execution mode) and logged time on the test case itself, but the Cycle Summary folder didn't update.

How do I log or track the time a tester spent executing a test?  


We have Zephyr for JIRA 6.0.1