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3 years ago

How to search for tests where ALL its planned executions are unexecuted?

Hi everyone,

How do I search for tests (only return issues like Test A) where all the planned executions are Unexecuted?  ZQL and the Search Test Executions with executionStatus = UNEXECUTED will return all test issues Test A and Test B (which includes executions which have started).


Test A

- Unexecuted

- Unexecuted

- Unexecuted


Test B

- Pass

- Unexecuted


Thanks and regards,

Marianne Lee

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  • Hi Marianne, 


    Using ZQL this can be achieved. 


    ZQL can be used for searching items for adhoc reporting via export 


    I have included a link that will show you the list of fields, operators and keywords that can be used



    The query needs to be built around structure like. the project, the cycle and the execution status


    For example 

    project="SB Portfolio Project" and cycleName=ExampleCycle and executionStatus=UNEXECUTED