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2 years ago

How to do Shared Step in Zephyr Squad (Zephyr for JIRA)


Does anyone know how to do a shared step in Zephyr Squad (Zephyr for JIRA)?


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    HI Marti,

    Thank you for replying!  Shared step as in a basic test case with steps that are used in other test cases.  For example:


    Test case A: Create a work order number

    1) Open work order form

    2) Enter required fields

    3) Save changes => A new work order number is created


    Test case B: Change the customer on a work order

    1) <Use test case A as a shared step here>

    2) Change the customer on the work order to a different customer

    3) Save changes => Customer on the work order is changed


    But when user view test case B, they'll see the steps detail in Step 1.  And if test case A is updated, subsequently test case B will show the updated content.


    Thank you!

    • Hi Tai, 


      That feature does not exist in Squad. There's a feature that's similar to what you're looking for in Zephyr Scale, which is called "call to test."