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3 years ago

How to allow staff to enter test results without a JIRA users licence

We are a small company and have just started using Zephyr Squad.   We have a JIRA project and have now added Zephyr to that project.   We only have 10 JIRA licences and have set those up for the Zephyr/JIRA.

My question is, we want 30 users throughout the organisation to test the Software being developed in the project and run tests, enter test results and submit to the dev team.

Is this possible?  Is there a way to set this up?


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  • Hi HairyDot 


    Zephyr Squad is a plugin in Jira.


    It cannot be accessed as a standalone app (outside of Jira) 


    As a result each user will need a Jira license to access Zephyr for Jira


    Hope that helps