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2 years ago

How to add description, startdate and enddate while creating new test cycle using Rest api


I have integrated test automation and zephyr. So from python code using create new cycle rest api I am trying to create new cycle but if description, start date and end date added in payload then 403 error is getting for create cycle REST api.


payload = {"name": userInput["testCycleName"], "build": userInput["buildNumber"],"startDate": "2022-11-9","endDate": "2022-11-9","description" : "this is test cycle", "environment": userInput["environment"],"projectId": projectId, "versionId": versionId}


Rest api used -


payload = {"name": userInput["testCycleName"], "build": userInput["buildNumber"], "environment": userInput["environment"],"projectId": projectId, "versionId": versionId}   --- with this payload cycle is getting created but if we add description , end date , start date it is not working.


Can anyone help with the solution?


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