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3 years ago

Export test results to JIRA cloud



I'd like to export test results from Zephyr Cloud to JIRA cloud. Currently, I see the ability to export a csv file from Zephyr. I can then add the csv as an attachment to my JIRA tasks that corresponds to the test execution. This is rather cumbersome and does not allow for linking of test results to JIRA tasks. Is there any other way for JIRA to "see" the test results and link to it?


Thank you


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  • Hi girishram85 


    Hope you are well. 


    You may be better suited to use API's for this as, as you mentioned there are some dependencies required. 


    Its not simply a test case, there are execution histories, attachments etc required. 


    Using GET and Post requests you would need to correlate this, perhaps add custom fields before injecting the data into Jira. 


    You haven't mentioned with your source is Zephyr Enterprise, Scale or Squad and if you are using a plug in on Jira but this may be helpful to know. 


    Either way some degree of planning and potentially use of API will be needed. 


    If its just a simple test case with no dependencies needed, then exporting and reimporting via the UI is fine





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      Hi Vinnie,


      Thank you for your response. We are using Zephyr Squad, and we are using a plugin in JIRA Cloud. I am not entirely sure what you mean by dependencies, but our test cases in Zephyr are linked to other issues, often have multiple test steps in them. 


      Do you have a recommended starting point for the use of API and exporting test issues from Zephyr? 


      Thank you