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2 years ago

Could someone explain the purpose of "Test Distribution by User"

If I understand it correct, Test Distribution by User is really Test Distribution by Person-Logged-In.  


How would I use this report in any meaningful way? 


By Reporter or by Assignee I can see a use for.  What am I missing is seeing how this report would be useful to me?


In my evaluation setup I am the person entering everything (8 Issues in this test), i.e. the Reporter. I have the Zephyr Execution Assignee split between Unassigned and two other team member not including me.  I have the JIRA Assignee field 5 are assigned to me, 1 to one other team member (of the two above) and 3 unassigned. 


The report just shows all 8 Tasks with my name as the user. I don't why that is the case unless this is a By Reporter report. Otherwise, I'm failing to understand what the selection criteria is.


Looking for enlightenment. Thanks.

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  • Hello whyred1 ,


    The test distribution by user gives you the test cases for a project, fixVersion combination that are reported by a user.


    For example, in the screenshot below, 4 test cases have been reported by the user Sanjeev and 1 test case has been reported by the user Harsh.

    Each of the test case here are part of ZFJ_DEMO project and has fixVersion 3.0 associated to it.


    Please note that it reads for the field Reporter and not the Assignee.