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4 years ago

Automaton batch script is failing for mandatory reporter field

Test Automaton batch script to create automation task and to upload the test results is failing for mandatory reporter field. I am struggling with this issue from last 2 days. Any help will be appreciated. I have a feeling, multiple people reported this issue. So they have it in the documentation as troubleshooting steps.

Here is link for documentation.


I referred to the documentation and updated the batch script with the following statement.


set "$mandatoryFields={"reporter\":{\"label\":\"VKulkarni\",\"name\":\"VKulkarni\",\"id\":\"557058:5de7e0c67474110e23122b6d\"}}"


And updated the post statement with the following fields


-F "mandatoryFields=%$mandatoryFields%"


Now, I get the following error.


curl: (26) couldn't open file "name"

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    Did you get the solution? In my project Project, Summary, Issue Type, and Reporter are mandatory fields.


    If yes, please share solution how to set mandatory fields in bat file.

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      Hi ,


      Even I am facing the same issue for the mandatory field as mentioned by you . Even in my project, we have ProjectKey, issue type, summary and reporter as a mandatory field.


      Can you provide the solution for the same ?