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2 years ago

ZQL Query

We need to pass date value in ZQL as parameter so that we can optimize the load process . please let us know on how to pass date parm into endpoint

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    To be more clear on this ,how to pass date as parmater in GET request so that which will limit the data  on daily basis

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    If someone here with more API experience than me can help that would be great but failing that, I'd ask SmartBear support using the link I posted earlier - it will probably be quicker for you - but I will try to help as best I can.


    The API documentation should specify how to pass a parameter into the endpoint and in the example below for getting test execution results you can see there are 2 options and both expect a string in the format specified.  But I'm guessing you've checked this already and it wasn't of help and that's why you're here and if that is the case, I suggest contacting SmartBear support (SmartBear Support)


    API Links:

    Zephyr Scale Server API (v1)

    Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API