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10 months ago

zephyscale plugins load indefinilty 'all test page'



recently facing an issue regarding the plugin zephyr scale version 9.13.0
it load correctly on some project and not on bigger project : 

it keep looping. i can see the log file zephyrscale " 

2023-05-08 14:31:57,104-0400 http-nio-8080-exec-43 ERROR slabute 866x63526x30 1tnm2gj,, /rest/tests/1.0/project/14100/foldertree/testcase [] Zephyr Scale - Error
com.querydsl.core.QueryException: Caught SQLServerException for select "FOLDER"."ID" as "id", "FOLDER"."PROJECT_ID" as "projectId", "FOLDER"."PARENT_ID" as "parentId", "FOLDER"."INDEX" as "index", "FOLDER"."NAME" as "name", "FOLDER"."CREATED_ON" as "createdOn", "FOLDER"."CREATED_BY" as "createdBy", "FOLDER"."UPDATED_BY" as "updatedBy", "FOLDER"."UPDATED_ON" as "updatedOn", count("AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE"."ID") as "itemsCount" from "jiraschema"."AO_4D28DD_FOLDER" "FOLDER" left join "jiraschema"."AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE" "AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE" on "AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE"."PROJECT_ID" = ? and "AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE"."LATEST_VERSION" = ? and "AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE"."ARCHIVED" = ? and "AO_4D28DD_TEST_CASE"."FOLDER_ID" = "FOLDER"."ID" where "FOLDER"."PROJECT_ID" = ? and "FOLDER"."FOLDER_TYPE" = ? group by "FOLDER"."ID", "FOLDER"."PROJECT_ID", "FOLDER"."PARENT_ID", "FOLDER"."INDEX", "FOLDER"."NAME", "FOLDER"."CREATED_ON", "FOLDER"."CREATED_BY", "FOLDER"."UPDATED_ON", "FOLDER"."UPDATED_BY"

i can see the same on the sql server the query that do that.


the query finaly timed out.


thanks for your help.

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    Jira support mentionned that connecton leaks may occur with 3rd part plugin. 

    is this something that could impact zephyr scale ?