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4 years ago

Zephyr Scale with Gherkin tags?


I want to have Zephyr scale (TM4J) .feature files to be run on our jenkins CICD.

However we have many projects (different repos in GIT) that exist under the same Jira project umbrella (I cannot change this the way because of IT rules)


This means that in Jenkins Pre Steps, we have Zephyr Scale: Download Feature Files activated but one single PROJECT KEY. The issue is that all development projects will download all feature files and try to execute them all.


I was planning to use tags on the Gherkin page in Jira to be able to filter out downloaded feature files that should not be executed in a given project via the Tm4JTestRunner class, but I am unable to do so.


Is there a way to do this? Is there a workaround I can use?



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