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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale restricting project access/permissions to Test Player


We would like to start using Zephyr Test Management for sending to users outside of our Project to fill out and use, however do not want to provide them access to all the tickets within the project (as provided via Browse Project permission) which appears to be a requirement of having access within the Test's area.

I realise we can use the "Issue Security" function to restrict visibility of the tickets however this will not restrict their visibility of all the other test cases and it seems a bit excessive when we only want to allow users into the Zephyr Scale Test Player area, not any other areas of the project.

Hosting: Data Centre


Any assistance and/or advice would be appreciated.


Sara Phillips

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    Hi Sara,


    I'm not able to help with this one but I'd be interested in the solution.  At the moment, my projects are wide open out of choice, and externals are currently suppliers who have full access but at some point I could see the need to restrict access for externals.  I think this is probably a question for SmartBear support.  You can reach them here.  I'd be interested in what they say if you don't mind sharing 🙂