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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale for JIRA Server

Our company currently has JIRA Server, which of course is nearing its end of life soon.  We have a 30 day free trial of Zephyr Scale, which will work for us for about the next 25 days.  We do not have the budget currently to update to JIRA Cloud, but plan to in the future.  We read that JIRA Server will be ending the sale of new apps on Feb. 15, 2023.  Does this mean that once my 30 day free trial to Zephyr Scale runs up, we will no longer be able to use it as we cannot purchase it past that date or request another 30 day trial?  We are not able to get approval for the budget to pick up Zephyr Scale just yet either, so that's why I am scrambling to find answers.  I tried to set up an account to submit an actual support ticket with Smartbear, but the automated system for that specifically never sent me an email to finish setting up my account, so I have come here in hopes that there is someone with some answers :-).