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2 years ago

Zephyr Scale component coverage reporting with tests that leverage the 'call-to-test' feature.

Hey everyone,


We're in our infancy of using Zephyr Scale and I want to ask a question regarding components tied to JIRA. Many of our test cases leverage multiple components. As we can't incorporate multiple components on a test case we thought leveraging the 'call-to-test' feature may be a workaround for having multiple components referenced via single test.


Upon constructing reports on test cases that leverage one or multiple 'call-to-tests' we can see components aren't show as having been executed. Only the component from the main test case is shown as having been covered.


Are their different strategies for accomplishing what we want to accomplish? Should I turn this into a feature request?



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    Some other options that might work for your needs are Labels that can contain multiple values and you can use as criteria in your reporting.  And you could also create custom fields in the Test Case or Test Execution that could contain multiple values and also be used as criteria in your reporting.