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6 months ago

Zephyr Scale: Ability to clone Test Cycle Folders

Previously we were using another Test Management tool which greatly reduced the admin work of setting up a Test Cycle. You had the option to Copy the complete Test Cycle and create a new one using the Folder structure etc. 

We have found in Zephyr that you are unable to do this and need to go through the painful task of creating each folder with each test cycle for each release. This is taking us around 2 full days to do. My resources can spend their time better than having to try to work through this one by one. 

Are we missing something and is there an option to Clone a Test Cycle Folder with all the children cycles in it?

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    Unfortunately we don't yet have this functionality.  There is a suggestion on the roadmap portal to have this incorporated into the Clone feature and you can vote for it here: Zephyr Scale Product Roadmap


    Have you tried using the Test Case import feature (to create your folder structure) and then used the "..." on a folder to create your Test Cycles?  Perhaps that combo might help somewhat.  If not, there's also the API route which might at least help to automate the folder structure creation.


    Server version: Zephyr Scale Server API (v1)

    Cloud version: Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API (