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12 months ago

Which should be written? TS vs. TC

Which is the best technique to write away on the zephyr scale? Should the test scenario in a single unique ID contain different test cases with a script or should test case in a single unique ID comprises a script independently.

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    I might not have understood your question but will try to answer...


    I always use a single test case to express a single test scenario from start to finish.  You can then use the Call to Test feature to string together mulitple test cases into an end-to-end test scenario


    Test Case 01 >

    Test Step 01

    Test Step 02

    Test Case 02 > 

    Test Step 01

    Test Case 03 >

    Test Step 01

    Test Step 02

    Test Step 03

    Test Step 04

    Test Case 04 > 

    Test Case 01 (call to test)

    Test Case 02 (call to test)

    Test Case 03 (call to test)

    Test Case 04 (call to test)