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2 years ago

Viewing Screenshots that are part of the test steps

I have screenshots added to my tests in Zephyr Scale which help explain the steps to the tester.

When you execute the tests, it looks like the only way to view the screenshot it to download it.  This is very clunky and inconvenient.  In my old system you could just hover over the screenshot and get a preview.  Is there anyway to do this?  Is there a better way to attach screenshots for viewing during the test?





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    There are a few options you could try like pasting/linking/adding images into the test step box.  In there you will find some options for adding files, URL links, images, etc.  I don't think there's a hover and display option but it's better than the download method you're currently stuck with.

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    Hi thanks for the reply

    I have tried adding the screenshots like this, but from what I can see when
    you go to execute the test, it still just gives you a link and not a view
    of the screenshot. This seems like a step backwards from the Zephyr
    testing on our old version of JIRA where you got to preview.





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    Hi Penny,


    I'm on the Cloud version of ZS and if I paste screenshots into a test case step, update the test case in the test player, I get to see that image in the test step without having to click a link.  Example below.  Maybe you're on the Server version of ZS and it's different there - I can't remember.


    Test step in the test case:


    Test step in the Test Player:


    Regards, Andy