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4 years ago

Using Jira custom field also in Zephyr scale

I would need to set to my testcase in Zephyr scale a value that is already configured as custom field in Jira. I would like to use the same field also in Zephyr, not needing to configure it again and listing the values it has. Also the values will change by the time and would need those same values to be also in Zephyr scale side. 
How do I add Jira custom field to be seen and used also on Zephyr Scale? 

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    Are you able to post a screen print or explain a bit more?  I'm not sure what you mean by a Jira custom field for a test case.  If you're saying that in another part of Jira you've got a custom field and you want that field to be shown in Zephyr, then I'm not sure if there is a way to do that via configuration (I would raise a help request with SmartBear support) but it might be possible using the Jira and Zephyr APIs along with some programming.