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7 months ago

Two Projects linked to Zephry Scale test cases

Hi, I am running a QA team and we set Zephyr Scale test cases up in our main project, we can call that Project A.  The manager of the business UAT team, created Project B for UAT testing.  She then pulled in the Zephyr Scale test cases from Project A into Project B.


This has caused an issue, because the Project A, QA  team, "Passed" a lot of test cases for Project A; however, there is now a new test cycle and test execution for Project B, with test cases in a "Not Executed" status. Therefore, the last test execution results are showing up in Project A as "not executed", when they have "passed".  


Do you have a recommended solution for the confusion that this is causing?  


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    You should be able to produce a report for each project that shows the latest execution status for the test case within each specific project.  Specifying Project A in one report will give you results for executions in that project, and same goes for Project B.


    Here's an example of the same test cases being shared on two different projects.  Note that the timestamps and statuses are different:


    Project A - the tests were originally executed in September


    Project B - I just added the same test cases to another project