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20 days ago

Traceability matrix to see user stories with no test cases

I have seen questions similar to this that are years old. I'm really hoping that this is functionality that has since been provided and I'm just missing how to do it...! Please can anyone advise whether there is a (simple) way to identify user stories that do not have any linked test cases?

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    I don't recall seeing a release that would enable us to identify stories that do not have any linked cases, but you can check with SmartBear Support for a definitive answer.

    However, just in case they also say it's not possible, I may have found a way to work around that problem.

    Assumption: your test cases are in a test cycle.  If you've created ad-hoc test cases, they will not be in a test cycle and you will need to ensure they are added into at least 1 test cycle - this is because reports need an execution record and placing a test case into a test cycle automatically creates a Not Executed test execution record

    • Go to Reports and select report "Test execution results (list)"
    • Select your Project
    • Choose Advanced Filtering
    • Expand Test Case
    • Select "Linked Issues"
      • Choose the "Not In" option, and
      • Select two Story issues - you can't type them in so we will just select two for now
    • Hit the Generate button
    • Copy the URL of the report into a text editor
    • Find the Story you added into the criteria.  It will look something like this: testCase.issueKey%20IN%20(%22KEY-1%22%2C%20%22KEY-2%22)
    • You now have the text version of how to generate the report, and how to add multiple Stories as criteria
    • Next step is to create your new criteria that includes all Stories, and then replace the criteria in the report and run
    • In theory this should work

    Please let me know if this works for you?