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9 months ago

There is only one test case in tm4j_result.json when read data from CSV

Hi everyone,

I have some troubles when using Zephyr scale and need your help. I using serenity with read data from CSV. Example I have two value from CSV file

the first testcasedatadata
the second testcasedatadata


When I execute test, there are two test case executed. But in tm4j_result.json have only one result in


"version" : 1,
"executions" : [ {
"source" : "com.adaptavist.tm4j.junit.ExecutionListenerTest.shouldHaveTestCaseWithName",
"result" : "Passed",
"testCase" : {
"name" : "Verify testcase"
} ]

Can I show two testcase in tm4j_result.json?


Thank you!

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