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3 years ago

The test player run screen does not appear.



Now our team is having trouble running the tests.

I click on Start a new test execution in the Project / Test Cycles / No / Test Player screen, The test player run screen will not appear.

In this state, even if I clear the cache, it will not be displayed.

What can I do to resolve this?



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    Hi Kob_Hiro ,


    are you using call-to-test test cases with parameters in your test cases?


    If so, it is probably an issue, we have been in contact with support for quite some time (I'll spare you the details).


    You can try the following workaround if this fits your situation. Go into the affected test case(s) and change one of the parameters from Manual input to Use default value and save the test case and change it back and save again, if this would otherwise change your parameter value.

    Now, try putting the test case(s) into a new test cycle.


    Let me know, if that helped.