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2 years ago

Test Cycle execution status is showing 100% complete even when there are outstanding Blocked tests

When running tests in a planned Cycle, a test cycle with outstanding Blocked tests are showing on all reports and in the Test Cycles list page as 100% executed. 


Blocked tests by definition are not yet fully executed because they are blocked from being completed, so wanting to know if there is a way to reflect this on the reports and in the summary status.


Blocked has different use cases to In Progress, but both of them should not be considered "executed" for reporting... is there a way to tell Zephyr whether to count another status (or a custom status) as "not executed" to account for this?


Any help gratefully received.


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    Hi alyssa-grantham ,


    ZS interprets any status that is not "Not Executed" or "In Progress" as completed. For the "Blocked" status the argument could be made, that the test execution is completed if it is blocked, because it can not be continued at this point. Only after the "blockage" is dealt with can a new execution be run. But I can also see your point for it to be considered as not completed. 😉


    For custom statuses the option should definitely exist (it does not atm), to define them as not completed.


    A quick search yielded two ideas in the ZS Server Ideas Portal. Give them a vote.


    If they don't match your needs or you feel, they are not clear enough, you can add a new idea.


    If you're on cloud, use the corresponding Ideas Portal.




  • Thanks for the links - have voted for those suggestions. Hopefully the custom status option will be possible one day soon, and the ability to choose whether a core status counts as completed or not, because it sounds like there is not uniform agreement on the usage of Blocked.