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2 years ago

Test cases peer review

Hi all,


I was wondering what the best way to was to peer review and provide feedback on the test cases in Zephyr. I tried to:


1. Export the test cases to excel added feedback against a test step and imported the test cases assuming Zephyr will add a new version of the existing test case but realize a new test case is created rather than creating a newer version.

2. Tried to add comments in the Comments tab within the test case. How will the tester know which test cases have comments / feedback,


Appreciate any suggestion to perform a peer review within Zephyr Scale.

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  • H MisterB,

    Thanks for your response. 


    I realized what you have mentioned above and came up with a workaround although not exactly I wanted but at least I can progress. I have created custom fields for Peer reviewing process, so that we can filter on the custom field and progress with the reviews and feedback. While doing this I was wondering if I can possibly assign test cases to team members to review but could not find an option to assign the test cases. Regards Mohana    

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      Hi Mohana,


      Regarding assigning test cases to team members to review, if you run reports instead (still using the custom field values you've created) you will then get a dynamic and interactive (drillable) report that you can 'assign' to users by giving them the URL (the URL contains the report logic).  If you write the report logic in a certain way you might also be able to produce reports for specific people or groups of people that will auto-update with test cases as you assign the relevant value into your custom field.


      Hope that helps.



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    I think this is hard to achieve once your test cases are in ZS.


    My first thoughts were to use a report to identify test cases with comments.  I can't do this on the Cloud version of ZS but if you're on the Server version it might still have Test Library reports (for some reason not available in the Cloud version!) and it might be possible using those - but I seriously doubt it.


    Next thought was test case filters but again, these are essentially the same filters available for reports, so no joy there either.


    So the only other option I can suggest is to try the API (both versions linked below).


    Zephyr Scale Server API (v1)


    Zephyr Scale for Jira Cloud API


    Regards, Andy

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    Just a note for the moderators and developers from the SmartBear team: I think this is another example of an area for development for test managers.  I replied to another comment today that also discussed a gap for test managers (regarding reporting & dashboarding).  I would very much like to see more being done for test managers ğŸ¤ž