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2 years ago

Tagging a user in a test case comment

In my specific scenario, some team member need to notify others, upon the completion a test step within a test case, in order to trigger other actions.

In Azure DevOps, we'd use the comment section in the test case to tag other team members, By using the "@" sign we could add their name to the comment, triggering an email notification to the recipient. Such a feature would be in Zephyr Scale is highly desirable.

This is a feature that SmartBear needs to look into, because a lot of competitor applications can do it. My teams have recently moved to Zephyr Scale, from Azure DevOps, where such a feature was available. 

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    I'm with you on wanting to see this feature as I'm sure many would.  This request might already be in the ideas portal for voting but the portal is being migrated and we're waiting for its release, hopefully Q1 this year.