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4 years ago

Splitting test cycles, leaving existing executions


We've setup several test cycles but needed to split them in two.

I've tried this by cloning a cycle and then deleting test cases from the one test cycle that need to stay in the other and vice versa.

The problem is that this first duplicates the set of test executions and then halves it again, where already executed test cases need to be re-executed (i.e. copying the test results from old test execution to the new one and then deleting the old test execution).

Is there a way to move a test execution from one test cycle to another?

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      Hi vpelizza thanks for the reply.


      I've split the cycles by making a clone and then deleting test cases (and hence the executions) that don't belong in the respective cycle. I've had do do this twice so far and may have to do it once more.


      Coding around this is not an option for me I'm afraid.  Even though I'm interested, I'd have to learn that from scratch and it's unlikely I'd find time for that, so for now I'm just a simple user 🙂


      I did run into strange reporting behavior after removing test executions, which i have reported via support ticket TMJSUP-8091.