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2 years ago

sharing test cases between projects

Hello all, Can we share test cases between projects in Zephyr scale? 

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  • Test Cases can be shared between projects in Zephyr Scale.

    eg: Project A has 10 Test cases and if you would like to reuse 5 test cases from this project in Project B, then navigate to the create new Test cycle section of ProjectB, then click on Test cases > add test cases > in the add existing Test case popup select the project that you would like to the test cases to be shared (in this case Project A) and select the test cases you would like to reuse and click Add.


    Remember though if you change the content of the test cases in Project B, the changes will be reflected in the relevant test cases in Project A as well. 


    Is there a way we can copy test cases between projects (and be able to modify the test cases to suit that project without effecting the integrity of the original test case).

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    You can clone test cases which is effectively a copy.  The clones will contain the word "clone" in their name so are easy to identify and you could then manage them separate to their original test cases and/or move those into another project.

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      And how would you move them to a different project? I have encountered the same issue. I have cloned my test cases and by default they are in the original project, and I can't find the option to move them to a different project. 

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    I thought it was possible to move test cases between projects using the ZS menu options but maybe this is only possible in the Server version, or I got that wrong - I'm using the Cloud version at the moment and I can't seem to move test cases into another project using menu options.


    It is possible to export test cases from one project then import into another.  That should work.

  • Hi, not sure what your end goal is when you wish to reuse the test cases between projects in ZS. I can think of 1. Reuse the test cases between projects as they are without any changes to the steps - where you can from the test cycle and navigate to the project and select the test cases you need. 2. Reuse test cases from a different project but wish to customize / modify the test cases to suit the new project. In which case the only option is to export and then reimport them into a new project. 

    Hope that helps.

  • Hey Mohana,


    Sharing test cases between projects in Zephyr Scale can be quite beneficial for streamlining your testing efforts and ensuring consistency across multiple projects. While Zephyr Scale doesn't offer a direct "share" feature, you can achieve this by using the cloning functionality effectively.


    I've had a similar challenge in the past, and here's how I tackled it:


    1. Cloning Test Cases: As you mentioned, you can clone test cases, which essentially creates a copy of the original test case. The cloned test cases will have "clone" in their names, making them easy to identify.


    2. Organizing Cloned Test Cases: After cloning, you can manage the cloned test cases separately from their originals. You have the flexibility to move these cloned test cases into another project, creating a link between the two projects.


    3. Maintaining Consistency: To maintain consistency, it's crucial to establish clear naming conventions and documentation practices. This ensures that you can easily track which test cases belong to which projects.


    By following these steps, you can effectively share and manage test cases across different projects in Zephyr Scale while keeping everything organized and distinct.