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3 years ago

Search for test cases in scale using JQL

Currently JQL seems to be working for issues but not for test cases. Can we get a JQL example to get the results in scale for testcases?

An example of Zephyr squad JQL to get testcases:

  • project = VIIIHW AND type = Test AND status != closed AND labels != Automated AND component not in componentMatch("CF-*") AND component = Feature


  • Looking for similar JQL in Zephyr SCALE

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  • In Zephyr Squad, Test cases are Jira issues, giving you the ability to use JQL to search. The functionality in Scale is different since test cases are not Jira issues types and are their own feature within Jira.


    In Scale, you can use the filters at the top of the test case repository, and also save them for future use: