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2 years ago

Rest API: /rest/atm/1.0/testrun/{testCycleKey}/testresults


We have a testcycle with 129 test cases inside.

When I tried to get testresult by using this endpoint /rest/atm/1.0/testrun/{testCycleKey}/testresults it takes 10 minutes for getting response. 

Is it possible to get testresults partially?

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    It doesn't sound right that you have to wait 10 mins for an API response, especially if you're entering the test cycle ID, and that test cycle only has 129 test cases within it (and I assume those test cases aren't being executed thousands of times) .  Can I suggest you contact SmartBear support to troubleshoot your problem.  You can contact them here.  I can't see any option to specify another parameter other than the test cycle ID, but SmartBear support should be able to advise.