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2 years ago

Report with issues calculating

I have few questions related to the reports creation as far as the UI of reports page is changed.
1. The documentation shows that there should be 17 types of reports related to issues, while in current version I didn't find them. Could you please clarify maybe look into the wrong place?
2. I have created the "Test execution scorecard by test cycle" report. A lot of my TCs were failed by the same issue, but the report displays the number of issues = number of failed test cases. So if 5 of my TC failed with the same issue I see 5 issues in report. Is that expected?

Thanks in advance for help

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    Hi Veronica, thanks for sharing.  If you'd like to make SmartBear aware of this idea/request, you can use the Roadmap portal for that, and to vote on other suggestions: Zephyr Scale Product Roadmap

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    I can help with that...


    1. The help file is pointing to the Server/DC version of Zephyr Scale.  The Cloud version does not have Issue or Test Library reports, at least not yet.  I believe this is being considered

    2. I can confirm I observe the same behaviour.  Is that what I would expect, no, but there's also no alternative configuration option.  Another thing to consider on this report is that the Closed column is linked to the Resolution status in Jira.  If your Jira workflow isn't setting a resolution status, your Issues will appear in the report as Open, even if they are showing Closed (but not resolved) in Jira.


    In cases like this item 2 above, depending on how important the requirement is, I export the dataset into Excel and produce my own report.  Burn up/down reports is another example where the report is not working as expected.