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11 months ago

Removing 'cloned' prefix


I frequently clone dozens of test cycles. Having to delete the 'cloned' prefix every time is a nightmare. Are there any ways to remove the 'cloned' prefix in bulk or to cancel it completely? 

Thanks in advance. 

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    Unfortunately as you've found there's no way to do this using the UI - you could post a suggestion to the roadmap if you want (it would get my vote).  It might be possible using the API if you know how to do that.


    Working with what we have, a slightly quicker way to edit test cycle names is to either open all test cycles in multiple tabs and manage them individually, or manage everything in 1 tab, moving from one test cycle to another by changing the test cycle ID in the URL (it's found at the very end of the URL).  Not as good as a bulk edit feature though!