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3 years ago

Jira gadgets with zephyr scale

I am trying to create a Jira Dashboard using Zephyr gadgets and use the "Filter by Folder" option but every time I type in the name of a folder, one of our test cycle folders, whether I click the button to include subfolders or not, it does not autocomplete or find anything. I have tried this for multiple gadgets, even using the custom query with the Folder option and it never finds a folder. We have only recently started using Zephyr but do have test cycles with folders, see below, so I am not sure why I can't filter by them.  Thanks for any help. 




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    I remember seeing something like this before (see link below).  Reports and gadgets seem to use the same interface for adding criteria so the Filter by Folder option should work for reports and gadgets.  Not sure why this isn't working for you and unfortunately I'm unable to test as I'm without Zephyr Scale at the moment.


    As you will see from the link below, suggestions should appear after some characters have been input.


    Re: Reports - Filter by Folder - SmartBear Community



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      Yeah unfortunately no suggestions appear, which is what I'd expect. I have the Smoke Test folder and I can type Sm or Smo or Smoke, you get the idea, and no combination or the whole word or even /Smoke will have the autocomplete show up.  I can't even save because it won't have the suggestions show up.  Something is definitely not working. Thanks though. 

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        the filter by folder should only work for test case folders. If you want to filter for folders of your test cycles, you need to use the custom filter and add the folder filter to the test cycle section. Could you share a screenshot of the filters you tried?