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2 years ago

Jira Cloud and Zephyr integration

We recently migrated from Jira Server to Jira Cloud and are noticing that the test cases created in Zephyr do not automatically display on the Jira issue until you click the Zephyr icon on each Jira issue individually.  When we were on the server version test cases automatically appeared on the Jira issue and we didn't have to click anything to see them.  Is this functionality available with the cloud version and if so, how do we turn it on so we don't have to manually do it for each Jira issue individually.

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    I raised it with the SmartBear support team a while back.  I can't remember the exact reply but it was along the lines of needing to create it on the ideas portal for development.  I now have to remember to manually click the Zephyr button for every issue created.


    Another thing that is not in the Cloud version but was in the Server version: Issues reports.  There is no Zephyr or Jira report that will tell you which issues are blocking which test cases, unless you export all data and do the analysis yourself.

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