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8 months ago

Is there any way to use a variable to parameterize a Gadget?

Here our problem, we are using a bunch of Zephyr Scale Gadgets within a Dashboard to show the progress / status of a regression suite tied to a release.

We tie our test regression test cycles to a unique test plan, every team has one or more test cycles that are linked to the test plan. We have one test plan for release, multiple releases a year.

The test cycles are using some custom fields (like team and cycle type) that we use to set custom filters in the gadgets. The custom filter will look like

Test Plan: ${Test Plan}
Cycle Type: Regression 

Team: ${Team} 
In the dashboard, we show multiple gadgets, one for every team. Every time we have a new release we need to copy this dashboard and go gadget by gadget changing the release, is there any way to use some sort of global variable or hack to change this in a single place?

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    Great question!  We can't do this yet, but this would be a very useful feature to have and save lots of time in 're-inventing the wheel'.  I will suggest a hack in a moment, but if you want to see this functionality brought in you can suggest it in the roadmap portal here: Under consideration - Zephyr Scale | Product Roadmap (


    Hack: most if not all gadgets are available as reports.  Unlike gadgets, you can see the logic of reports in the report's URL.  That means you can easily change the source of a report from one test plan/cycle to another.  And you could use Excel or another tool to make that alteration easier in bulk.  The challenge with this hack is how to display your reports.  You might be able to workaround this issue with a browser tool - Edge Workspaces might be an option for example.


    Good luck!