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3 years ago

Is there an easy way of retrieving ReadyAPI Test Step results to post to Zephyr Test Execution?

Hi all, I've been trying to find an easier way of capturing whether the test steps and cases passed or failed in order to post the results into Zephyr using Zephyr API. I have ReadyAPI and Zephyr Scale and the only way I can figure out to do this is by adding a groovy script at the end of all test steps (say 20 steps with API calls) which would check the http response for all of the 20 steps, then come up with a "PASS" or "FAIL" value which i then can publish on to Zephyr Scale using the API call. This is a very convoluted process with if/then/else statements. Apart from an overall execution result, the groovy script also has to store and publish each step result. 


Is there an easier way of achieving this?




Test Case 1

    Step 1 - Call Zephyr API, create Test Case Folder

    Step 2 - Call Zephyr API, create Test Case

    Step 3 - Call Zepyhr API, create Test Steps (one for each API call my test will do)

    Step 4 - Call Zepyhr API, create Test Cycle

    Step 5 - Step 25 Call API under testing, perform functional tests

    Step 26 - Groovy Script which goes through the results of Steps 5-25 and extracts whether each step passed or failed, also determines overall Test Case 1 result

    Step 27 - Call Zephyr API, create Test Execution, post results gathered on Step 26 to the Test steps and overall result for the Test case created in Zephyr.


Is there a way to avoid Step 26 and post results to Zephyr on Step 27 as "Pass" or "Fail" for each step and test case?


Thank you


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