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11 months ago

Is there a way to manage bugs within Zephyr instead of switching to JIRA for bug/defect management?

When a bug is created in Zephyr it is automatically creating a bug in JIRA and linking the two. However, the only way I am currently seeing to edit or progress this bug is to switch to JIRA. Is there a way to manage the bug within Zephyr so the user doesn't have to switch between systems?

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    The short answer is no: you have to use Jira for managing bugs.  Scale sits within Jira and is utilising Jira for managing bugs (which it is very good at doing 🙂).  When I'm setting up Scale for a new project I usually build a Scale dashboard to report on test execution, and a Jira Kanban board (plus some Jira Filters) to manage bugs.  Adding those as Favourites works very well and means I don't have to 'switch' between systems - I can keep those open as separate tabs in my browser.