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2 years ago

Is it possible to automatically link test cases/plans/cycles to Jira issues when they are created?

Hi, we have a need to assign Test Cases to newly created Jira issues based on some issue metadata (Issue Type for example)

Is it possible to link a Test Case to a newly created Jira issue based on JQL? Automation for Jira didn't seem to have anything for this. 

Would I be forced to use the API for this?


Thanks for any advice

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    Hi.  I don't think this is possible using the UI.  Trying to approach the problem from either the Jira Issue side or Zephyr test case side doesn't work - at least not that I'm aware of yet.  Would love to be wrong on this one as it's a pain not being able to use JQL to reference test cases.  I've not used the API yet but it might help as you suggest.


    Good luck!