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2 years ago

Import/export Functions via Zephyr Scale

Export to XML and Excel are not suitable - our test case steps including pre-condition have screenshots which needs to be extracted as part of an import.

Do we have any more import/export options that we can use ? Do we need to apply an add-on/ API or something similar ? 


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    I have found that the Zephyr Scale Execution Report "Test execution results (detailed)" is perhaps the best / reader-friendly view of the test cases - better than the export options.  It will also include images that are in the test case.  The 'catch' is you need to have a Test Cycle for the test cases but it doesn't need to have been executed.  After the report generates, there is a printer icon at the top and you can then save as a pdf or print to pdf.  There is also a download to Excel (dataset) option but that does not suit my purposes...not as nice as the pdf report.